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With an estimated over 300,000 defense department companies as well as subcontractors who are essential to military operations, the department of defense is and continues to remain a prime target of malicious cyber-attacks and infiltrations.

There have been more people of ill will in the past who all strive to ensure that they weaken the US defense capabilities with the view of making all this a matter of national security. With the view and interest of increasing resilience as well as the security of the DIB, the US department of defense has had to launch version 1.0 of the Cyber Maturity Model Certification.

This model was adopted from the industry-recognized frameworks which is a representation of a unified cybersecurity standard that is required for all the contractors who hope to do any kind of work with the department of defense. In this regard, this discussion takes a look at the CMMC framework and the ways through which your company can use it to attain this certification.

CMMC Certification

The CMMC is a new certification procedure that is used in assessing the cybersecurity environment of all the contracted companies by the DoD. The certification basically verifies that the contractor intending to work with the department of defense has adequate security measures and controls in place which meet the security standards for the military.

Before the introduction of CMMC, most companies could by themselves, self-certify their compliance under the set and applicable DFARS which basically relied on NIST requirements without necessarily having to get verification and certification from a third party.

Thus, most companies working with the DoD did not need to show any evidence proving that they were adhering to the best security practices. What this meant was that those companies with security gaps were still allowed to work with the department of defense, something that jeopardized the security of the same department even further.

Total Security Measures

With the introduction of CMMC policies, it has now become so hard for companies that have security gaps within their security levels to work with the department of defense. As such, if you have a company that wishes to do some kind of business with the department of defense then it is mandatory for you to undergo this certification process.

The need to have companies certified before doing any business with the department of defense has also helped many companies to improve security systems within their companies. Most that had problems within their security systems worked on them making them even more secure.

As you contemplate getting a CMMC certification, it is important for you to consider that this certification has so much to offer perhaps far much more than just getting a contract with the department of defense. If your company is not yet certified then get in touch with IQC the ISO Pros of Delaware to help you in this regard.

There is so much to be gained from CMMC certification that companies that deal with the department of defense need not miss out on. If you have a company that is not yet certified then this is the right time to contact IQC the ISO Pros of Delaware for the certification and training in this regard.

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